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Writing, Editorial Services & Content Development

Lilichuks provides a full array of writing and editorial services, including:

  • Writing/Ghostwriting

  • Graphics & typesetting

  • Editing & publishing

  • Research & content development

Social Media & Digital Marketing

The below services are provided independently on demand. Lilichuks also offers a social media and digital marketing subscription that includes all or a combination of these services.

  • Establish a digital marketing plan to support overall marketing objectives

  • Develop copy and graphics for web-ready art

  • Email campaign development and delivery

  • Website design, build, management and maintenance

  • Deliver metrical and executive reports on a weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual basis

Marketing Strategy, Plan, Budget Development

Lilichuks specializes in building comprehensive marketing plans that align with client business objectives for any size budget. We can also establish a reasonable budget where none exists. Lilichuks has resources to execute some or all of the tasks associated with each plan or initiative.


  • Overall marketing plan

  • Content development plan and calendar to support marketing initiatives

  • Event, conference and tradeshow plan and budget; management and support services available

  • Print and digital advertising plan and budget; ad development services available

  • Social media and digital marketing plan and budget; subscription plan available for management, maintenance and support

Graphic Design & Video Production

Lilichuks provides fast, professional graphic services for digital and print advertising, marketing assets and white papers, and sales presentations and proposals.

We work with top videographers, audio engineers, lighting specialists and editors to produce top quality, professional videos to promote products, businesses, people and ideas. We can also provide voice over and narration services.

Branding Services

Lilichuks provides the expertise needed to develop, manage and/or support your brand. Based on your business objectives, we help develop your value statements, messaging, stylesheets, logo, color palette, and go-to-market and communication plans.


If your brand is already established, Lilichuks has the tools, resources and talent to develop content and communications to support it. We fill in where you have resource gaps, or we can manage your brand strategy for you on an annual basis.  

Start up & charitable organizations

If you are a new business or a charitable foundation, Lilichuks may be able to help you on a pro bono or heavily discounted basis. Services are offered based on availability of resources. We can help with:

  • Brand strategy & marketing plan/budget

  • Logo and basic graphic design

  • Press releases & other awareness activities

  • Website design & development

Call 803.239.6780 to discuss your marketing needs.

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